Meet Upnext


We’re a small team with a shared passion for creating a better way to deal with the growing amount of high quality information in the digital age.

We came together in late 2020, frustrated with the current toolset and started dreaming up the ultimate knowledge companion. 💪

Upnext is a reader with superpowers:

  • save anything for later: articles, blogs, newsletters, threads, podcasts, video and more.
  • Our parsing technology extracts the content for you, so you can focus without getting distracted by ads or other interruptions.
  • Extract knowledge by making highlights and annotation (even on podcasts and Youtube clips, with timestamps!).
  • Discover what your favorite creators and experts are creating and sharing, or what's trending on your Twitter timeline.

We included an overview below with other features we shipped last year. 🚀

Upnext is currently invite-only while we continue to improve the mobile product and build the web version.

We love feedback and request features. It is incredibly valuable and helps us build a great product.

Hope to see you in Upnext!

The Upnext Team

What we built in 2021:

💪 Simple, yet powerful saving Easily add content to lists or add a note when you save.

💾 Save from anywhere

We now have browser extensions for all major browsers, and many other ways to add content to your library.

🎧 Support for all popular media types

Upnext is the “reader” that can handle it all: articles, newsletters, threads, podcasts, audio and more.

✍️ Annotations on text, audio and videos

Highlighting and note-taking are important features for any reading app. We wanted to make it possible on any content you save to your Library. You can even share your annotations with your friends.

⚡ Shortcuts

Ready to unwind? Going for a walk? Get to your long reads or podcasts with a single tap from the home screen.

🧹 Reviews

Swipe left, swipe right. Reviews are a great way to keep clutter out of your library.

🔥 Trending on Twitter

Connect your Twitter account, and you’ll find the most shared content on your timeline in the Updates screen.

🤯 And a lot more

We now have an image viewer, let you save links from reader, support for spotify podcasts, you can export highlights and notes, sync them to Readwise, and so much more 🙂