Sometimes it's easier to save things on Twitter without opening/sharing to Upnext.

Connect Upnext account to Twitter

  1. Go to the Account Screen (Library⇒Account)
  2. Scroll down to "Connect to Twitter" & tap
  3. Follow the prompts!

Save to Upnext

Reply with @getupnext save to any Tweet on Twitter to save it to Upnext.


Types of content you can save to Upnext

  • Individual tweets - if you reply to a one-off tweet, it will be saved to your account.
  • Threads - if you reply to any tweet in a single user thread, the entire thread will be saved to your account.
  • Links - if you reply to a tweet with a link in it, the link will be what gets saved to your account.

We have other exciting Twitter based functionality coming soon!